Event Planning 101: Building Your Team

14 Apr

One aspect of public relations I haven’t hit on much at all in this blog is event planning. Events can be a major part of your obligation working in the public relations department of an organization. So I will be including some more posts throughout my blog on this topic.

I’ve had a lot of experience planning and executing events during my college career. Whether it’s events my hall while I was a Resident Assistant, events for the entire campus while I was working with Student Life, events for my youth group while as an Assistant of Student Life, or events on a national level while working with Red Bull, there are some things that I’ve learned about events that pretty much work for almost any event you put on!

First off, it is very important to have a solid team for putting on your event. Each team needs include these four key people:

 1. Point person- the person who delegates responsibilities and is basically the keeper of all information for the event and details. This person must be extremely organized and also will be the point person the night of the event.

 2. Worker Bee- this is pretty self-explanatory. This person basically just needs to have a great work ethic and be willing to help anyone with anything!

 3. Creative Person– this is the person in the beginning stages of the planning process who comes up with the crazy, creative ideas for the events.

 4. Marketer- the marketer is very important because many times people put on amazing events, but they overlook the important detail of letting people know about the event! You may have a great event, but if people don’t show, it will be a flop!

If you are somewhat of a perfectionist, like me, it is easy to want to take complete control to make sure things go as planned. However, you need to learn to relinquish control to your team members and trust them. Especially if you have solid people to begin with.

Part of the Red Bull Flugtag 2011 Team


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