Social Media and Building Community

12 Apr

Recently, I watched a webinar by Inbound Marketing University in which Chris Brogan spoke about Social Media and Building Community. Below is the webinar as well as my takeaway from the course.

I think Brogan did a great job with hitting key points for building community!

Here are just a few things I found most useful in the course:

  1. Community is never about you, your product, or anything else related to YOUR goals… except insofar as you serve to power theirs
  2. Community is a gift: if people form a community around your stuff, be pleased. Whether or not it’s on your site under your control, you have something to work with
  3. Be humble. Always: The moment you forget that you’re there as a participant and think you’re the owner, you’re on a fast ride down to nothing
  4. Listen. Acknowledge. Listening is point. 1. If you don’t listen, you fail. But acknowledging people’s participation is the most important part of community
  5. Equip instead of sell. Your community wants to succeed. They look to you (if you’re lucky) as part of that recipe. Give them more and more success, not more and more of the product you need to sell
  6. Celebrate them. If all you offer is a place to praise and talk about your products and services. Pack it in. Seek out your community’s personal and professional successes and praise those too.
  7. Greet newcomers. ALWAYS make sure to greet when come in door. If you do it on the site, do it online!

One Response to “Social Media and Building Community”

  1. ryanjohnshea April 13, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    We both discussed this in class when we shared what we learned from NEWSU! I completely agree with everything that was discussed in this Webinar. Community is never about you, and like you had said in class, when you try to be the owner then you’re going to fail.

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