Social Bookmarking: How is it useful?

25 Mar

Until recently, I had heard of social bookmarking but I wasn’t really sure what the purpose was or how social bookmarking could be useful. Being a public relations student, I’m usually pretty up on my game in the latest in social media. But social bookmarking was never something that particular drew me in. Let’s be honest, we hear a lot more about Twitter and Facebook than we do Diigo and Delicious.

Too many bookmarks on your browser make for a "sticky" situation

So what is social bookmarking?
If you’ve ever emailed a friend or family member with a link to a website that you think they’d find interesting, then you have participated in social bookmarking. The purpose of social bookmarking websites is to tag a website and save it for later. Except for instead of saving it to your web browser, you are saving them to the web.

I just think of all the websites I have saved in my toolbar or “Favorites” page and cringe.  Although they are easy to access that way, you can only have so many saved at a time before going ballistic with the number you have saved in your main toolbar. So setting up a Diigo account solved that problem for me!

 How can college students benefit from social bookmarking?
Social bookmarks are great for college students! The wonderful thing about social bookmarking websites compared to saving on your own computer is that you can access your bookmarks from any computer—just by logging into your account! They are also great if you are working on a group project because instead of emailing links out to the other group members, they can just view your profile and see the links you have saved.

Through this study on social bookmarking, I created my first social bookmarking profile on Diigo. Check it out and here below are some of the websites I’ve bookmarked. Cheers!

PR Daily News

Public Relations Matters

Red Bull USA

Diva Marketing Blog

Reflections: Mikelle Liette

Taylor Flumerfelt blog

PRetty in Pink: Emily Meade’s blog

Peter Shankman 

Randomly Ravishing: Liz Colburn

PR Disasters

Southeastern University

PR-Squared – Social Media Marketing and Public Relations

Beth Kanter’s Blog

Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Marketing for Nonprofits


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