Brand Personality

26 Feb

Just like people, all brands have personality. Whether it is shallow and bland, or deep and emotionally charged, this personality is crucial! Why? Personality is key in our society! Just look at politics: most of their popularity is personality based. In the same way, personality gives life to a brand and creates likeability and loyalty among customers.

Brand personality should be clearly defined. Like the personality of an individual. You should be able to describe the personality of your brand using words and character traits that you would apply when describing a person.

The identity of a brand (who/what it is) and the consumers creates the roots of the personality. Brand personality is then expressed through advertisements, visual aspects of product/brand, the brand’s behavior, communication, etc. Here is a diagram that helps explain this:


Here are some brands that each have their own unique, distinguishable and recognizable personality!


Brand personality: Magical, Family-oriented, creative, feel-good

Red Bull

Brand personality: professional, energetic, loves life, unpredictable, innovative


Brand personality: wholesome, warm, nurturing



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