Social Media Monitoring: Okay, or not?

29 Jan

TOW #3

Social media has changed our culture and is still growing at lightening speed. With multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr, Myspace, and on and on, it becomes extremely difficult to keep track of the multiple conversations taking place.

Social media monitoring companies helps to regulate and monitor what is going on out there in social media and many brands are implementing it to keep track of what is being said in the numerous areas about their brand.

photo credit: kimba

Some individuals believe this may be unethical because it is an invasion of their personal space- if their conversations are being tagged and watched. But for companies and brands, it is truly the only sane way to keep tabs on what is being said about them.

I don’t believe social media monitoring is unethical because if people are saying their opinions online, they should expect that they would be heard and watched. It is no invasion of privacy. If you really don’t want something to get out that you put online—then DON’T PUT IT ONLINE! Social media monitoring is a wonderful tool for brands and it allows them to improve on their brand and take advantage of what is being said among their audiences to build on and improve their brand.

Although I don’t think social media monitoring is unethical, as of now, I believe that there is always a tendency for things to get out of hand. We need to be aware of being monitored in certain ways and be watchdogs ourselves to keep companies using social media monitoring in check. But for now, don’t worry about it!


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