PR Professional Blog Comments

29 Jan

1. 7 Things PR Pros should know about the shifting media landscape by Michael Sebastian

Date: 1/29/12

Comment: Clear, concise, compelling. Three great key words for media pitches! Also, following a reporter or editor’s tweets is a great nugget of advice. Seeing what they are sharing is seeing what they are actually interested in and what they find compelling. Making sure your story appeals a bit to their interest will make them more likely to place it.

2. 13 annoying communication habits that must end by David Spark

Date: 1/29/12

Comment: These are some good just social etiquette rules. I also need to work on not forgetting someone’s name RIGHT after being introduced. So embarrassing! Another good trick to remembering a person’s name is to say use it many times when addressing them right after being introduced. It may sound silly saying their name over and over like, “Nice to meet you, Martha. What are your interests, Martha?” But people like the sound of their own name and they’ll be impressed that you are going the extra mile to remember.

3. Five things you should know about dating a PR

Date: 1/29/12

Comment: I absolutely LOVE this post! I definitely agree on each of these matters and it was cracking me up! I emailed this to my boyfriend, so I’ll have to see how he feels after reading it, I’m sure he’ll agree 😉 He does get annoyed sometimes, but these are things that a significant other just has to accept! Can’t wait to read more from you.

4. Three Ways to Network the Right Way by Justin Lathrop

Date: 2/22/12

Comment: I love point #2! It’s so true that it’s really annoying when people who try to network with you are always asking more and more, but don’t give any. I definitely don’t want to be one of those networkers. Good stuff though! I’m a PR student, a brand manager, and an Assistant Youth Pastor. So seeing how my PR skills work into my job at the church is quite interesting. I think networking really does carry a negative connotation many times, but it is vital and useful for the church!

5. An inside look at one impressive social media campaign by Matt Wilson

Date: 2/25/12

Comment: Very cool! A wonderful way that a store has utilized Social Media to drive sales and inspire customers. I’m surprised more stores haven’t followed suite. I have a feeling Four Square is going to get much bigger and many other companies will begin doing the same.

6. What is the ROI of Pinterest? by Geoff Livingston

Date: 2/25/12

Comment: I think there is some value for companies on Pinterest. You can drive companies to your companies site through your pinboards and external links. Interesting point how it’s building “shopping ideas” rather than “direct sales”. True, pinboards help inspire WHAT you buy. But if you don’t know WHERE to buy it, you click on the picture, hopefully taking you to a company website with the item. Happy pinning 🙂

7. 3 ways to score a job interview by Lorra Brown

Date: 4/12/12

Comment: Good points about posting your resume on your About page in your blog. And also about putting your blog on your resume that you give to potential employers. These are great ways for employers to see additional writing skills as well as that you know you to be engaged in social media. I am graduating in a few weeks and I will definitely take note of these tips! Thank you.

8. Are You Content Creation Impaired? Here’s Some Tips and Resources by Beth Kanter

Date: 4/12/12

Comment: Wonderful idea about the content calendar! Journalists create editorial calendars, so why not create a content calendar? I’m in charge of the social media for my youth program and I’m definitely going to implement some of these ideas! Thanks.

9. Nonprofit storytelling tips from pros. by Debra Askanase

Date: 4/12/12

Comment: “Use video for motion and emotion.” Wonderful point! Even just starting out, if a nonprofit needs to put out a little extra cash, it would probably be best to place it in quality videography and photographs for storytelling. This is how you are going to pull on the heart strings of people to join your cause.

10.Texts from Hillary: 3 lessons for social media managers by Kevin Allen

Date: 4/14/12

Comment: Wonderful! Good job for Hillary for showing her sense of humor. Social media is meant to be fun so if people are too serious on it, then others will alienate them. The third point about pictures being bold in social media is important for companies to know. Pictures are more shared because they are easy to share and add a strong effect.


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