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29 Jan

1. Lessons for PR Students & Pro’s: Valentine’s Day Style by Taylor Flumerfelt

Date: 1/29/12

Comment: Cute post! I agree with all of your points, especially the third one of continuing to nurture the relationship. Once you build that relationship, you can’t just drop off the face of the earth! I think another thing that PR students and pros can learn from Valentine’s Day is to PLAN! You need to plan ahead your gift and night with that special someone (especially if you are going to be going out to dinner! God Bless you if you don’t have reservations). In the world of PR, we need to be planners so that we don’t get so overwhelmed and we can manage our time.

2. DIY: Melted Crayon Art by Liz Colburn

Date: 1/29/12

Comment: This is such a good idea! I love the drippy look and Jessica- great idea with picking certain crayon colors to match your decor. I am not a Pinterest addict… but I love the website when I’m need of inspiration or even just organizing all my random website “stuff” onto a pinboard. I’m glad you are such a die-hard fan :)

3. Social Media Monitoring– Ethical or Not? by Mikelle Liette

Date: 1/29/12

Comment: Really well written post, Mikelle! With the magnitude of all the different social media, it is definitely helpful to businesses and brands for it to be organized in SOME capacity. Especially for them to filter what is being said directly about them. This helps them help US by delivering to the customers what we want.

4. Coffee. Enough Said. by Jessica Winstead

Date: 2/25/12

Comment: Yay! I love coffee AND Starbucks! The homey atmosphere that Starbucks creates is a huge part of the “feeling” you get when getting a Venti Chai Latte or Granda Iced White Mocha. I think their mission to create a “A third place between work and home” (Starbucks) has been reached. Many people congregate at Starbucks for various reasons and the fact that it is opened for 24 hours makes it a hot-spot for those all-nighters during exam week or when big papers are due. Their growth astounds me and this global brand is definitely one to take note of! Great post!

5. FPRA February Meeting: Jim DeGannaro by Emily Meade

Date: 2/25/12

Comment: Thanks for the tips! I like that your recap was succinct, to the point, and easy to read! One tip though that kind of is questionable is number 4 about gifts. How ethical is the giving of those kind of gifts in business? I guess as a previous psychology major, I learned in my Professional & Ethical Issues class that gifts were a big taboo! Granted, PR is very different than the work field of psychology where there is no socializing with clients outside of the workplace. Crazy how different they are!

6. photography. by Jordyn Roe

Date: 2/25/12

Comment: I like your photographs! Do you have an online portfolio or do you have them archived online somewhere? If not, you should really consider it. You can create a free one at Also, I like how your PR Connections are posts specifically about you and your passions. Good work :)

7. Videos gone Viral! by Mikelle Liette

Date: 4/8/12

Comment: Awww I love all of these! “Sneaky MOM!!!” is hilarious! And of course, “Charlie Bit My Finger” is a CLASSIC. Great viral videos are ones that we don’t mind watching over and over again. I have seen each one of these before and they still make smile.

8. Leadership: A Mutz Perspective by Kyla White


Comment: Love this post! I’ve seen Michael’s leadership skills first-hand on a missions trip I went with him this past Thanksgiving break to Japan. He truly is a humble leader. I love his quote about how humility helps the environment you work in to allow creativity and true honesty. Very true.

9. TOW #13: David After Dentist by Emily Meade

Date: 4/12/12


I love your three attributes of viral videos. I would say that the majority of the videos I’ve come across which are viral are ones that are improv. People like to see people in their everyday environment, being funny.

And just a side note about the 5-year-old. I would love to know if someone is feeding her lines since it is so edited. Regardless though, it’s pretty funny!

10. Viral Videos by Ryan Shea

Date: 4/13/12

Comment: Oh my goodness, I was cracking up when watching this video! I love how videos can resurface after years and become viral. Although social media is constantly changing, funny stays consistent! I wonder if she’ll be getting lots of more job offers after this.


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