How to stay stress(free) in a stress(ful) career

29 Jan

For years, PR executives have been listed high among the most-stressful occupations! This year, PR dropped to the seventh-most stressful job in America (It was No. 2 in 2011). However, appearing stressed is not positive for our image (and yes, PR is the business of image). And very few clients want to work with someone who is running around, flapping their arms about being stressed out. So here are some ways to work in the PR industry, without having a stress-attack!

1. Disconnect. As a PR person, this is a scary word! We are attached to our iPhones and laptops like they are extensions of our body. But get into the practice of maybe once a week, or even 15 minutes a day, walking away from your electronic devices.

2. Discover a physical outlet. Exercise releases endorphins. So whether it is going for a run outside, or just punching your pillow for 45 minutes. Release your tension by doing some sort of physical activity.

3. Plan out your day. Every morning, make a to-do list of what you need to accomplish that day. Prioritize the list in what you must get down that day, and then in descending order of greatness. This isn’t meant to overwhelm you by all you need to accomplish, but to keep your head clear and focused.

4. Set goals and reward yourself. Set simple goals like “I will work for one hour more, totally focused, and then reward myself with a latte!”

5. Vent to a good friend. Have someone in your life (like your significant other, mom, or old friend) who you feel completely safe with and they know you and love you through and through. In PR, you need to always keep up the positive spirit, but having that one friend you can just be yourself with is truly a comfort!


2 Responses to “How to stay stress(free) in a stress(ful) career”

  1. mshoults February 11, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    Great tips! I’ve also heard people say to take a break from working to clear your head, and that always seemed counterintuitive to me; we’re stressed because we have too much work, taking a break will only make it worse. But I’ve realized that by allowing myself a short break, I can often be more productive than I would’ve been without it, thus accomplishing more in a shorter time.

    P.S. I always like to drink a hot cup of tea when I’m overwhelmed; it brings my blood pressure back down to normal. 🙂


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