15 Tips for Content Marketing

29 Jan

What good is it for your brand to have social media if no one is reviewing your content? Creating and publishing useful content extends your business’s reach, makes you more visible, and connects people to your business.

Content marketing experts: Joe Chernov of Eloqua; Ann Handley of MarketingProfs; Scott Stratten of Unmarketing; and Adam Singer of TheFutureBuzz, give us some tips in the realm of content marketing.

1. Create content that helps people. –Joe Chernov

Create something that is interesting to people, help them do their jobs better, and help them become proficient in an area (preferably related to your business). Offer uncommon, yet practical advice that people will want to pass on to others.

One brand that I think does a tremendous job with this is Red Bull. Granted, I may be slightly bias 😉 But I rarely follow brands on Twitter, and @redbull doesn’t solely tweet about their brand, but also inspiring quotes that are very retweetable!

2. Make your content about customers. –Adam Singer

You may be thinking first about your brand. But your customers will want to know why what you are saying is relevant to them.

3. Write for your readers first; it builds trust –Joe Chernov

Write for the reader first and your marketing purposes second. Content that is too brand-centric will fade out because your audience won’t be interested.

4. Remember that pictures can be better than words. –Joe Chernov

Images are easy to share and the age-old saying still sticks, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

5. Give your whole team the freedom to get involved. –Scott Stratten

6. Get creative: You can make compelling content about anything. –Scott Stratten

Blendtec is a great example of creating great content from something as simple and mundane as a blender. The company started the “Will It Blend” video series in which they blend iPhones, iPads, brooms, and pretty much anything else under then sun! (Including Justin Beiber!)

7. Don’t shy away from being personal; it builds trust. –Ann Handley

Everyone loves a good love story! Express the heart of your brand and what makes you who you are.

8. Learn to find stories to tell.  –Ann Handley

There is always a story to be told. Search for it! Bring out the human interest by really getting to know your coworkers.

9. Learn to tell a story bit by bit. –Adam Singer

Being consistently interesting is your true challenge. The big news is important, but what is equally important is the stuff that happens in between the big stuff.

10. Use your blog as a hub. –Joe Chernov

If your content is housed at your blog, you give your content life, context and edginess

11. When choosing your channels, focus on the ‘why’ to determine the ‘where.’ –Ann Handley

Ask “Why are we doing this?” first before creating a Facebook, Twitter, blog, or any other social media channels and tools.

12. Give yourself the first bite of your content. –Adam Singer

Facebook and Twitter are not your platforms; they are platforms run by other businesses. You should first publish your content on your own platform, and syndicate it to other channels and link back to yours.

13. Stop over-commercializing your content when you publish. –Scott Stratten

14. Ease off your readers. –Ann Handley

Build a relationship over time with your content, then ask for just a little bit of information, and then a little bit more over time.

15. Stay committed; it pays off. –Ann Handley

Check out a version of this story on Ragan’s PR Daily.


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