Social Media Palooza!

28 Jan

TOW #1

Social media is all around us. It inundates our smart phones, guides our conversations, and surrounds our lives. Keeping up to date in the social media realm is now of such huge importance that companies have created positions for people to manage their social media. Currently, the social media I use is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress (of course) and Klout.

1. Facebook is a great tool for connecting with people on a more personal basis. I probably use my Facebook about 75% for my own personal use and 25% for my work. I work as an assistant youth director at my church and Facebook is perfect for staying in touch with my youth kids. Also, as a Student Brand Manager for Red Bull, I share lots of content about what is going on in the world of Red Bull!

 2. Twitter is one of my favorite social networking platforms. I use it about 60% for social reasons, and 40% for professional. Connecting and networking with professionals is so easy on Twitter because you can “follow” people without the obligation of them having to “accept” your follow. Twitter is a social media playground for PR professionals to share content, divulge information, give nuggets of advice—all in 140 characters or less!

3. LinkedInis a social media platform that is purely professional. A complete LinkedIn profile contains all your past experience, and you can upload your profile. It’s purpose is simply to connect you with professionals and for professionals to get connected with you! Although I have a LinkedIn profile, I definitely need to utilize it a lot more.

4. Blogging is a wonderful way to build up your credibility as a writer. In my case, I use WordPress because it’s a free and easy-to-use platform. Having a blog creates an online portfolio of your writing for potential employers. So you need to be sure that the content you put on your blog is edited and professional!

5. Klout.Recently, I have discovered a new tool called Klout. One of my friends who is an entrepreneur informed me about this website that takes into account all your social networks and measure your online influence. Your Klout score is your overall influence on the web! Not only does it tell you who you influence, but it tells you what topics you are most influential on. This is a great tool for anyone curious about their online presence in social media.

As a graduating senior, I plan on really utilizing my LinkedIn profile much more than I already have. Keeping it up-to-date and using it in the correct manner could perhaps lead to a potential job!

What social media platforms do you use? And any tips or tricks on getting the best out of them?


4 Responses to “Social Media Palooza!”

  1. ryanjohnshea January 28, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    I am an avid Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin user, but Klout is definitely something I want to check out. I never really thought about what kind of influence I may have with social media. Thats interesting to see who is actually paying attention to the things you post. Thanks Miss LaFlam 🙂

  2. blherrman January 28, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    Much like Ryan said, I’m familiar with all of the platforms you mentioned. I don’t use LinkedIn yet, something I’m going to start doing, but Klout looks very interesting and definitely something I should look in to.


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