How to: Make your resume stand out

16 Nov

People spend hours editing it. Days poring over it. Employers have stacks of them on their desk. The unemployed cry over it.

Resume. Ugh. That is a dreaded word for many people. The field of public relations is

Your resume is just the "snapshot" of your work that lands you an interview

very competitive and to be noticed, your resume must stand apart from the rest.

Just the other day for the student chapter of our FPRA meeting, Jessica Lawson from the SPCA and Katy Martin from LRMC gave some tips on building a great resume and portfolio!

First of all, What is the difference between a resume and a portfolio?

Your resume is a “snapshot” which lands you the interview.

But your portfolio is what truly sets you apart during your interview because it provides examples of your work and is a guide during your interview to so you can speak on your accomplishments.

Quick Tips for Resume:

1. Keep it one page. Most employers don’t even look past the first page! So try to keep your resume to just one page with your most recent and best work.

2. Remember to include. Contact information, education, skills, work experience, community involvement, awards, and publications.

"Tailor your resume for the position"

3. Tailor your resume for the position. If the position is more of a creative, design position, feel free lay out your resume in a more creative way. The website has some great examples of good layouts!

4. Attach as a pdf. If you email your resume, many times it is best to attach as a pdf file so that it translates on other computers. However, also ask the employer what they prefer.

5. Proof, revise, polish, and then ask someone to do the same. Your resume says a lot about you. If you have even just a simple typo on your resume, it might communicate to the employer that you aren’t as detail aware, or just don’t care enough to edit your own resume.




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