Josh Hallett from Voce Communications talks blogging

15 Oct

For the September SEU FPRA meeting, guest speaker Josh Hallett from Voce Communications came  to speak. He shared some great insight on blogging and how to be strategic with a business blog.

Josh Hallett, Director, from Voce Communications

Four elements he touched on that are important to a company blog are:

  1. Awareness: How do you tell your company story?
  2. Engagement: How do you identify and act on market conversations?
  3. Conversion: How do you encourage your customers to take action?
  4. Advocacy: How do you enable people to share their preference?

One thing that I found incredibly useful is what he said about driving traffic to your blog. I’ve wondered how to do this to my own blog and some of the advice he gave was to publish more often! According to Hallett, when they began publishing more often on blogs, the traffic went up exponentially! This is why Facebook is so popular. Because there is always something new to look at!

Hallett also emphasized participation. He said that you should respond to comments on your own blog because people will begin coming back! This also shows the public that they can relate to you and people want to involved. People are egotistical, so commenting back helps them because they want to know they are noticed!


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