Guest Blog Post

15 Oct
I think every now and then having a guest blog post is great for widening the span on your blog, and even recognizing other great blogs. The guest blogger I chose for my guest blogger is beautiful fellow Public Relations student, Emily Meade. I loved this post from her blog PRetty in Pink. Be sure to check it out!
TOW #2: They help us…what?

"Bloomburg Businessweek" from

Let’s just say… Bloomburg Businessweek isn’t exactly a PR website/blog web address, but then again, any current event source that PR individuals can gain is vital to create a well-rounded PR educate. There are seven drop-downs that you can choose from at the home page: home, finance, technology, innovation, management, small business and global. Under the home drop-down, you can choose the option “blogs.” Here, there are blogs relating to many topics from traveling to media to entrepreneurship. What does this business site have to do with a PR student, you may ask? Well, here’s my take on it.

PR professionals always are keeping up on everything. We are the social media gurus. Changes in society, politics, and citizens can alter what we are trying to accomplish in our everyday jobs. In seconds we can be forced to resort to plan B… or C. But many times, one of the venues we work with is a business. So shouldn’t it be smart to keep up with what businesses are saying about things? Staying in touch with what’s happening in the business world can be vital for our success.

"Popping Bubble" from

As students, we should be well-rounded in all areas of education. That’s why we go through general education classes to obtain a broader perspective that could better help us in our career someday. Among others, Bloomburg Businessweek can help us stay in touch with topics that can come in handy some day when we enter in the PR world as a professional. And if, by any chance, it doesn’t, well, you will have a little history with whatever topics you choose to read!


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