Dedicated to Freshman Me…

1 Oct

At a SEU soccer game Freshman year

Okay, so you are here. You are a freshman at Southeastern University. You are signed up for your classes, moved into your dorm, said adios to the ‘rents and the rest of your family… you finally accomplished a huge right of passage into adulthood! So now what? Everyone else around you seems to know exactly what is going on, but you just feel incredibly lost and alone. Well, guess what? We’ve all been there before. Now as the much “older and more mature” senior that I am, I am here to give you freshies some tips and tricks to make your first year of college a breeze!

Dressed as the cast of "Gossip Girl" for Halloween in 2008

1. Get involved with campus events! The best way to meet people is to literally just get out there! At the beginning of the year there are tons of events, and usually they are FREE! So save your change, and go have some fun and don’t be afraid to walk up to a new person and simply introduce yourself.

2. Say hi to your professors. Professors are great resources to you and full of lifetime experience which is priceless. Get to know who they are, and their experiences. This is also great for those future letters of reference you’ll need for grad-school or internships 😉

3. Be nice to your roommate. Even if you are an early bird, and your roommate is a late owl. Or she loves blasting country music, and you can’t stand Tim McGraw (disclaimer: I like Tim McGraw!), being nice to the person you live with is vital to having a peaceful living environment.

4. Join a club. Discover your niche and what you are passionate about. Getting involved in a club can help boost your resume and meet people!

Freshman Year 70's Skate Night

5. Love your planner. Don’t think you can just take a mental note of something without writing it down and remember later. That has failed me too many times! As your activities fill up, write them down in one place: planner, calendar, phone, your roommate’s forehead. Just as long as it is written down in a place you can see it.

6. Eat at the cafeteria. It’s tempting to skip the nasty cafeteria food and go out, but the cost really adds up! Looking back at your checkbook, you don’t want to see you spent all your money on food instead of fun activities.

At Lake Mirror Freshman Year

7. Get plugged in off campus. Find a local church body or organization off campus to join. It’s always nice to get away from time to time.

8. Save your class skips! Save your skips to those times you truly are sick or maybe have a last minute paper you need to finish.

9. Take care of your body. Remember what your Mama taught ya. Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and staying active is NOT overrated. It really affects your performance.

10. Enjoy yourself! You only live college once (hopefully). My good friend Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” So get out there and do something that you’ll be able to tell stories about one day!… It goes by fast…

Senior Year


3 Responses to “Dedicated to Freshman Me…”

  1. lizcolburn October 14, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Good Advice! The pics are cute too 😉

  2. johnyfernandez October 15, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    Great advice given here Rachel. I honestly agree with everyone of them! These pieces of advice make the difference in how people spend their freshman year! Cool pictures.


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