PR 2.0 Strategies: Deirdre Breakenridge

10 Sep

Public relations is constantly changing, constantly shifting, and constantly becoming more and more important to companies. Also, as social media and technology continues to rapidly change, the responsibilities of the PR professional are gaining new additions. With the ongoing changes, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the field of Public Relations. One way to do this, is through following media blogs. One blog that particularly caught my eye was PR 2.0 Strategies: Deirdre Breakenridge. Breakenridge does a wonderful job with covering a plethora of topics ranging from social networking, blogging, microblogging, podcasting, streaming video, RSS technology and how communications is changing the way that businesses need to think in order to fully take advantage of community networking.

A few of the blogs that I found helpful was the Shifting Roles from Communications Liaison to Blogger. Which was about how in order to reach bloggers, it is best to see things from their perspective by putting on your “blogger cap”. And this can be the same across the board for other professions. Breakenridge writes, “social media allows you to become the people you want to reach”.

Other posts I really enjoyed were the ones about new social media and helpful technology for PR pros. The post Marrying #Marketing & Technology: An Interview with Julie Cros, Founder of Post Planner and Enhance Your #PR Technology Toolkit were both beneficial for learning what is out there to help out those in the field of public relations. Post Planner is a facebook app that helps PR marketers plan and strategize future wall posts. This is definitely useful for PR practitioners in reaching out to their community. The post Enhance Your #PR Technology Toolkit lists four tools that would be useful for communication professionals. These include Vocus (a strategy app it helps you get a handle on how to set goals, determine challenges, identify who to follow, and then to choose the right tactics), Post Planner (discussed earlier), Asterisq Mention Map (Twitter application that helps you visualize the relationships in your brand’s network), and (a world cloud that visualizes the most popular conversations during a chat session).

I’ve only touched on a few of the great posts found in PR 2.0 Strategies: Deirdre Breakenridge. However, this is a wonderful blog to follow, especially for rising PR practitioners.


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