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Kobe Bryant’s slip “spurs” on PR storm

14 Apr

Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant, is the target of gay and lesbian groups across the nation after directing a gay slur at a referee after receiving a technical foul during the game against the San Antonio Spurs.

In this video clip from the game, you can see after Bryant is benched, he mouths the words “f***ing f***ot”.

Following, Bryant issued the following statement:
“What I said last night should not be taken literally. My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period. The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.”

The NBA has fined Kobe Bryant $100,000. Which to me, is way overboard. Although, I think Bryant needs to learn control his tongue, I doubt that he literally meant something against the gay and lesbian community. It would be ridiculous if we fined a player that much each time they called the ref a name.


Toddler served tequila at Applebees

13 Apr

Friday, April 8th in Madison Heights, Michigan a 15-month-old boy was accidently served tequila-spiked apple juice in his sippy cup at an Applebees restaurant in the area.

Taylor Dill-Reese,  the toddler’s mother, says her son began acting strange after taking a few swigs from what she thought was apple juice. After being checked out by doctors, it was discovered that the toddler’s blood alcohol level was .10—two points over the legal limit for an adult driver.

Applebees attempted to reach out to the parents, but were unsuccessful. Here is the press release that the company put out:

LENEXA, KS — (Marketwire) — 04/11/2011 — We want to express how thankful we are that the child involved in the incident at our restaurant in Madison Heights, MI on April 8, was not seriously injured as a result of accidentally receiving the wrong beverage. We also want to apologize to his parents, for the stress and worry this caused them. Although our efforts to speak with the child’s parents have been unsuccessful, we extend our personal apologies.

After receiving the Madison Heights Police report this afternoon, we know that the child was served a trace amount of alcohol (per the MHPD report published 4/11/11, “the officer checked the drink with his PBT and it registered a .014”) and are trying to get more details about this information. Furthermore, as per the police report, EMTs checked the child at the scene and he was released. As we work to gather all of the facts related to this incident, including conducting our own investigation with our restaurant staff, we are also moving forward with pro-active actions to help prevent a reoccurrence:

1) We are changing the way we serve apple juice to our young guests. We will switch to pouring apple juice only from single-serve containers served at the table. We have already started communicating this new policy within our system and it will be in-place this week.

2) We will retrain all servers on our beverage pouring policy, emphasizing that non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages must be stored in completely separate and identified containers. This retraining will begin immediately.

We recognize our responsibility to constantly assess our safety policies and procedures to ensure they are rigorous and consistently followed. We believe today’s strong actions make a statement to our guests of all ages around our commitment to provide a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

The 6 types of Twitter users

13 Apr

There are a variety of different Twitter users. Thank you Daily Infographic for defining these various profiles! I decided that I’m probably a mixture between a Smore and a Newbie. This is a somewhat unfortunate realization. However, it is just motivation to aspire to one day reach the level of a highly esteemed Maven. Which category do you think you fall into? Comment and tell me 🙂

The Twitter Biotch! [infographic].

Student Producer gets Big Experience at a Small School

12 Apr

RAW TV Student Producer, Jonathan Martin, hangs out in the control room in Bolin Studio at Southeastern University. As the 2010-2011 Producer, Jonathan says, “I see RAW TV as a ministry. As long as one person is touched throughout this whole process, then it was all worth it”. Photo by Rachel LaFlam

Personal Profile: Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin slides into a booth at Southeastern University’s campus restaurant and apologizes over and over for being just a few minutes late. He had to run back to his room after forgetting his ID. These days, it’s no wonder that Jonathan (a.k.a. J Mart) might have something slip his mind like grabbing his ID. As the current producer of RAW TV, Southeastern University’s student-produced television show, Jonathan has a lot on his plate. Aside from producing a nationally televised talk show, he is a full-time student taking 15 credit hours.

Although Jonathan’s professionalism and ease to perform his duties makes it seem like he has wanted to do this his entire life, it was a trip to Israel during his senior year of high school that helped him discover what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.  The group he traveled with was discussing the media’s impact on other cultures’ views of Americans, and Jonathan decided that he wanted to be apart of that influence.

After that trip, Jonathan came into Southeastern University his freshman year as a film major. Straight away, Jonathan got involved with RAW TV. He met the girl in charge with marketing for the show and she invited him to come be apart of a panel for a dating show. “When I get nervous, I begin cracking jokes. And I think that’s why the audience liked me so much. I had them wrapped around my finger,” Jonathan laughs as he reminisces. Jonathan walked out of the studio that night with more than just a date. He walked out with a taste of RAW TV and an opportunity to come in and run camera for the show. Jonathan began participating in different positions in RAW TV and ended up adding a Broadcasting major. Spring semester of 2010, Jonathan was chosen as the new producer for RAW TV and began his official position this past fall.

When asked what producing a nationally televised talk show involves, Jonathan smiles and says, “Get your pen ready for this”. Basically, Jonathan takes a show from the concept through the process of pre-production, production, and post-production. He helps develop the show ideas, meets individually before a show with both Chrissy Sara (director) and Debbie Oliveira (production manager), then meets with hosts Rebecca Vargas and Michael Steiner to create an intro and outro and go over interview questions. And this is all even before filming the show! During the show, Jonathan usually sits in the control room and listens to the content. After the show, he reviews the edits done and sends the show to the network.

If you told anyone who knew Jonathan Martin five years ago that he would be working with video cameras, they would have said you were lying. When Jonathan was in third grade he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. Tourette’s is a neurological disorder characterized by muscle spasms known as “tics”. It was so bad that Jonathan regularly saw neurologist and was on medication. When he hit 15 years old, Jonathan began having horrible side effects. At age 16, a visit to the ER made them realize that the side effects were due to the medication he was taking. Consequently, Jonathan made the decision to go off the medicine cold turkey. Since then, his tics have disappeared! “If I had never been healed from my Tourette’s, I would have never been able to work with the equipment in a studio because of my tics.”

A native to sunny Orlando, Fla. Jonathan dreams of one day being able to produce his own sitcom for a network. Working with CBS would be Jonathan’s first choice. And he might not be too far off from accomplishing this dream. His involvement with RAW TV has allowed Jonathan to learn a lot about production and given him the opportunity to network with some great people. Kirk Cameron, Johnny Diaz, and Michael Tait and the Newsboys are just a few of the celebrities whom Jonathan has had the privilege of working with. Producer, screenwriter, director and actor, J.J. Abrams, is someone whom Jonathan hopes to meet. “Because he’s a good storyteller!” Jonathan exclaims, “Whether you’re telling a story or something made up, it needs to be entertaining and relatable.”

At the end of our interview, asking Jonathan if he had any final words, he states, “I like cake”. In my opinion, that’s a pretty sweet way to end!

PR Pros vs. Journalists

12 Apr

Ever wonder how and why PR people and Journalists butt heads? The students in my class created this presentation to help PR practitioners as well as journalists when working with the other.

Blogging tips!

8 Apr

TOW #13

Image Credit: "Eole's School of jump" by Eole Wind

1. Spell Check!

For a credible and professional blog, correct spelling and grammar are extremely important. Unless you purposely misspell something for stylistic purposes, you need to edit your writing. Misspellings and incorrect grammar can distract the reader from your content.

2. Hypertext your links

When using a reference link, do not just copy/paste the link in the blog. Instead, write a word or a phrase that is relevant, and hypertext it so that with clicking the text, it takes the reader directly to the website.

3. Include interesting/relevant pictures/visuals

Individuals in our generation are usually in a hurry and so they skim any kind of reading. Pictures and graphics break up long blocks of gray text, making skim reading a document much easier.

4. Comment

Commenting on other blogs not only helps you to see more examples of blogs, but helps increase traffic to your own blog.

Image Credit: "Keep up and blog on" by Alexander Baxevanis

Cookie cutter and methodical writing can be read multiple places. Readers want a new perspective, and a fresh opinion.

6. Write while you are in a good mood

When you are in a positive mood during writing, it shows through with how you say things!

7. Be Yourself

The more you write, the better you will become at being yourself and allowing your personality to come out in your writing.

8. Make it easy to read

Don’t go for crazy colors or crazy fonts. You want your content to actually be readable and not give your readers an eyestrain.

9. Keep a scratch pad

Usually when I am out and about, a sudden wave of inspiration hits me. It makes me want to run to the nearest computer and quickly write a stellar blog post on the spot! However, usually we aren’t near a computer when this inspiration hits. So write your idea on a notebook you keep near you.

10. Variety is the spice of life

Vary the lengths and styles of your blog posts. Keep it fresh. Keep it exciting

Podcast Re-cap!

7 Apr

TOW #12

As a student, I feel as though a large chunk of my precious time is taken up by reading. But after some time, long, extensive required reading begins to take a toll on both my eyes and my sanity. Sometimes I want to ask, “Could I get the ‘book on tape’ version of that textbook??” No, they only make books on tape for those novels such as Harry Potter, Twilight, Magic Tree House, and Junie B. Jones. Luckily, there is hope!

Podcasts are the “books on tape” of our information society today. A podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is an audio file like that of a radio broadcast, which can be downloaded and played on a computer, mp3 player, mobile phone, etc. In the field of Communication/Public Relations, podcasts are widely used as a way to both share and receive information. As a student or new PR practitioner, you need to become a sponge for information. A great way to get free information is from podcasts!

Some great PR/marketing podcasts include For Immediate Release, Inside PR, The Creative Career, Coming Up PR, Trafcom News or Marketing Over Coffee. For my PR Writing Class, we were required to listen to an hour total of podcasts. I chose to listen to two different podcasts. One from Inside PR called Inside PR 2.42: The Ten Commandments of Positivity and one from Marketing Over Coffee about social marketing.

Inside PR 2.42: The Ten Commandments of Positivity

The ten “commandments” listed for the Inside PR podcast that Martin Waxman discussed were

  1. Don’t lie
  2. Don’t spam
  3. Don’t overpromise
  4. Don’t pretend something is what it isn’t
  5. Be creative
  6. Remember yours isn’t the only story out there
  7. Know where you stand in the grand scheme of things
  8. Do what you say
  9. Smile
  10. Say thank you

Next, Gini discussed a study she found that the University of Michigan released showing that mood affects those we work with. She stated, “Your mood is as contagious as the common cold”.

She then discussed how if you have an issue with someone on your team, you should talk to the individual face-to-face about it. In our day, we are so technologically focused that people are trying to avoid conflict through email. She advises to go in person to the individual and when you are in a good mood.

Marketing Over Coffee: Special Interview with Paul Gillin and Eric Shwartzman

In this podcast, Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman are interviewed about their new book Social Marketing to the Business Customer.

First, they discuss the differences between B2B Marketing (Business to Business Marketing) and B2C Marketing (Business to Consumer Marketing)

B2B Marketing

B2C Marketing

Values-Driven: decisions come down to enhancing value, reducing cost, etc

Style Driven

Decisions are long-term

Decisions can change quickly

Lots of people are involved with decision

Individual decision

Need lots of different info streams (not just facebook) because lots of people in a company have different needs

Using Social Media

What not to do… Instead…

Use social media as a soap box or bullhorn

Watch trending topics

Engage market Analyze behaviors of engaged community. Respond to what the market is already saying