Help A Reporter Out and Help Yourself!

23 Mar

TOW #10

In 2008, Peter Shankman founded the social-media service ‘Help A Reporter Out’ (HARO), which has skyrocketed since into the largest free source repository in the world. HARO is all about connections as it brings together approximately 30,000 reporters and bloggers daily as well as over 100,000 news sources and thousands of small businesses. This allows businesses to pitch their story ideas and promote their products as well as helping reporters find interesting nuggets of information that would make a great news story.

For a Public Relations practitioner, HARO can be extremely beneficial. Three times a day, HARO delivers media queries from among about 70,000 bloggers, authors, TV reporters, and radio producers right to your email inbox.  Requests range from wanting small business owners to discuss creative financing in this economy to queries for gardening experts or jewelry makers. This helps the PR practitioner find multiple media sources to pitch a story about their client.  Time is money, and HARO is one database with hundreds of thousands of news sources that are not outdated. Also, if you need someone who is an expert in a specific field, you can send out your query for the expert and there is a good chance you can find someone to comment for your story.

If you are a journalist or public relations practitioner, there is no reason that you should not be utilizing such a wonderful source such as Help A Reporter Out. Sign up now!


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