Guest Post: Apple iPads used for more than Angry Birds

18 Mar

TOW #9

Post from Guest Blogger: Kyle

When the iPad first came out, many skeptics wondered what would differentiate it from the iPhone and from other tablets. To me, it was like an iPhone except for its screen, which was about five times larger. Skeptics’ comments have been quieted down since iPad owners have found wonderful uses for the Apple tablet.

With an easy user interface and wireless internet, companies have began to utilize the iPad to increase sales. Based off Michael Sebastian’s article 5 ways stores and restaurants are using the iPad, here are five good uses for the iPad in the business setting. You can…

1.     Create your look

A cosmetic company, Make Up For Ever, sets iPads in its boutiques to occupy clients while

they are being serviced. In the future, the Chicago Tribune says clients will be able to upload digital photos of themselves and target their desired makeover.

2.     Purchase items online while in the company’s store

Allsaints Spitafields, a British clothier, fastened iPads to its railings, allowing customers to purchase items online while they are in the Allsaints Spitafields store.

3.     Explore various customization options for a product

Thing Remembers, a customized gift store, implemented iPads into its selling strategy. Now, customers can search through thousands of possible designs and messages for engraving.

4.     Find your clothing color and style

Nordstrom saves the iPad for its pricier items. In the bridal shops and special-occasion dress departments, the clothing company lets iPad users browse through different dress colors and styles.

5.     Order food

A sushi restaurant in Chicago called Makisu replaced its paper menus with electronic menus. Customers can utilize an iPad to find their desired sushi selection, then they can order the items straight from the iPad. This means no more waiting ten minutes for a waiter to take your order!

Since many other Apple products have been adopted into the business world, I’m sure the iPad will follow the same trend.


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