Tweet, Tweet!

28 Feb

TOW #7

I had never heard of a “Twitter chat” until I was assigned to partake in one for my Public Relations class. A Twitter chat is a question/answer session that anyone on Twitter can participate in by putting a hash tag before their information. The wonderful thing about a Twitter chat is that everyone is required to write whatever they have to say in 140 characters or less. This results in little nuggets of wonderful information!

The Twitter Chat I got involved in was by #PRStudChat and the topic of the chat was the “PR influencer and how to build trust online”. Everyone responded so quickly to the questions that the mediator asked, that it was difficult sometimes to keep up. I had to continuously refresh my page and at one point, all of Twitter was down, with the infamous whale picture being shown. When I got back on to the chat page, everyone was tweeting “We broke Twitter!!”

However, some great points were made! Question 8 was “What is your advice to students and professionals with respect to becoming an influencer?” A few answers that stood out to me said to be confident and educated on what you are trying to influence on a person/group of people, have a strong grasp on yourself and your ideologies, start building a presence online by talking on twitter, blogging and commenting, and by under promising, then over delivering!

It actually surprised me how much I enjoyed the chat! Some PR pros were on there and posted some great insight! I got very excited when someone replied to my tweet and agreed with me.

I would love to look up some of the future #PRStudChat Tweet chats and hone in on some topics I am interested in, or which I believe would help me get great insight into PR.


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