Starbucks modifies logo

21 Feb

This Spring, Starbucks will be celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. With this occasion, Starbucks has decided to do some renovations of it’s own. What has forever been consistent with the Starbucks logo is the Siren. Now for the new logo, the words will be removed, thus taking the Siren out of the ring which she has forever been encircled by.

Starbucks bloggers have been adamantly blogging about the new logo. However, most of the comments from the public about the new logo are negative. Is this just resistance to change? Or will it be a take two to the Gap fiasco?

Personally, I think Starbucks should keep their old logo. I like the mix of green and dark brown with the brand name around it. I think the green encircling it adds so much just visually.

Below shows the evolution of the Starbucks logo:

So what do you think about the new logo?


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