Poynter in the right direction

20 Feb

TOW #6

Want to improve your writing? Desire to increase the professionalism of your work? Yearn to learn the ins and outs of public relations and journalism? NewsU courses are a great place to start! I am quite familiar with the News University courses that Poynter offers, and I have benefitted greatly by them.  However, NewsU isn’t the only thing Poynter has to present.

While exploring the Poynter website, I was sort of taken aback by all the information that I wasn’t really sure where to start. But here are three things that I found beneficial.

Latest News. The section with the latest news displays all the headlines from Romenesko, Mobile Media, Social Media and other news blogs. I love that it collaborates all the headlines in one place to make it easy to sift through what you want.

Chats. This section is divided into two sections: Career Chats and Writing Chats. The Career Chat section includes links to previous live chats between Joe Grimm and other experts about managing your career.  The Writing Chats section is a bi-weekly chat with Roy Peter Clark about writing. Writing is obviously extremely important to both public relations practitioners and journalists, so constantly improving your writing will improve your work and credibility in your profession. As for me, the Career Chat section is great to get an inside look on various career opportunities in the fields of public relations and journalism.

Seminars. The profession of public relations practitioners and journalists requires that you are constantly listening, learning, and soaking in information. Poynter offers ways you can do just that through their in-person training and online training on various topics.

Now that I’ve broken down and explored the plethora of opportunities Poynter offers, now it’s your turn to get on the website and explore. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to improve!


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