Someone stole your blog content… Now what?

12 Feb

TOW #5

Bloggers take pride in the originality and uniqueness of their blogs. So when they find out that someone has stolen content from their blog—especially if the motive is to make money—it’s disturbing. So what do you do when you discover that someone has ripped off your thoughts and writing? Since I’m new to this whole blogging deal, I am completely lost on what to do if my blog content was stolen. But thanks to DailyBlogTips and ProBlogger, I was able to come up with a few tips on the kind of action to take if I or a company I’m working for were to become a victim of blog plagiarism.

1.  Contact the scraper: The first step should be to contact the site or person who has plagiarized from you. Don’t be flattered by their imitation, instead be upset that they are selling your original work as their own. Ask them to remove the content immediately. If they don’t respond positively, then you should respond with a more aggressive approach.

2. Run a Whois Lookup: is a search that you can plug in the site’s address and receive additional contact information for the site.

3. Contact site’s hosts and advertisers: Inform the site’s hosts of the situation and that the site is in breech of copyright laws. For example, if their site uses Adsense, you can report them to google for violating the terms and conditions of Adsense.

4. Legal Action: Filing a lawsuit for copyright should be your very last resort. If the scraper’s actions have been extremely detrimental, then maybe you should file a lawsuit. But usually, this is rare.


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