PR Pitch Guaranteed to Grab Attention

26 Jan

With everyone fighting over some attention from the media, it is vital to make your PR pitch stand high above the rest! New York Times tech columnist, David Pogue, constantly receives pitches from a variety of PR people, and the more creative, intriguing, attention-grabbing they are, the more likely he will be to review the product. In his article Perfect PR Pitches, Pogue brings to attention the two top PR pitches he received this past year.

Here’s a hilarious PR pitch for a company called CodeWeavers. They have a new program called CrossOver Impersonator that allows you to run certain Windows programs on a Mac. In running with their theme of impersonation, the CEO and founder are dressed as “crossover impersonators”- Cher and Dorothy (from the “Wizard of Oz”). In the background, employees are posing and interacting with life-size cut outs of famous people that have David Pogue’s face pasted on them. (Talk about personalizing a pitch for your audience).

The point is, your PR pitch doesn’t necessarily need to be serious. You can have fun, and still be professional and get your point across while grabbing the attention of the media to spotlight your company or product!


One Response to “PR Pitch Guaranteed to Grab Attention”

  1. kelseyleu January 27, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    I love this! This is hilarious and a great way to advertise! I may use this technique in my journalism career by bringing in humor to draw the reader in. It is a fun and creative approach to get the point across. Also, seeing many people dressed in weird clothing on the video drew me in to read the article.

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