So much social media… so little time

22 Jan

TOW #1

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts, LinkedIn, etc. are no longer just for our generation of technologically savvy students, but our more respectable older generations seem to be finding the social networks beneficial. I remember when I got a friend request from my GRANDPA on Facebook, it was then that I realized how vast social networking was and it connects people of all ages, all over the world. Currently, I take advantage of a few social media outlets which include Facebook, Twitter, and blogging.

Ah, Facebook. What words come to mind when it’s mentioned? Time-consuming? Friends? Connections? Creepy? Facebook was created by a college student, for college students. Yet, the popularity was so great that basically everyone these day has one. As far as the use of Facebook, I believe there are many pros and cons. Yes, it does help you see what your old high school friends are up to, but it also deletes needing to actually connect with them. I’ve found myself creeping on my friend’s Facebook pages, and then not messaging them because I can see everything they are doing! Nevertheless, it doesn’t appear that Facebook will fade out any time soon.

I began my Twitter over this past summer because of the convenience of being able to text my tweets from my phone, since I do not have a smart phone. Compared to Facebook, I believe Twitter is better for professional purposes. You can “follow” someone, without them having to follow you back- unlike Facebook‘s mutual-agreement-friendship. I follow a decent amount of PR professionals, and many times they tweet helpful links. Also, Twitter has become somewhat of my news resource to keep up with current events. I follow @BreakingNews which updates new stories.

Blogging is yet another outlet for social media that I utilize. There are many blogging websites, but Word Press is the one that I use (obviously). The great thing about blogging is writing your thoughts more in-depth and being able to read professional blogs with great info on it!




Here are links to my PERSONAL social media sites:

Rachel’s Facebook

Rachel’s Twitter

Rachel’s Blog (you are here!)


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