Crisis Communication

19 Nov

TOW #12

So imagine this, you are on a camping trip and you cut your finger on a knife and it’s bleeding. You really need rubbing alcohol to clean the cut and antibiotic, but someone forgot to pack the first aid kit. Or imagine you are on a boat in the night, but the motor breaks and you are stuck in the middle of the ocean. But you forgot the emergency pack with the flare gun.

With anything you do, you should always have a plan in case of an emergency. A major part of public relations is dealing with the public during times of crisis and guiding your company on how to handle a crisis. It is necessary to have a plan and be prepared in case a crisis arises. In a power point posted by Barbara Nixon, Public Relations During Times of Crisis, you can find a list of elements that are important to have in your “Crisis Communication Kit” for if you have a PR emergency.

  1. A list of members of the crisis management team
  2. Contact information for key officers, spokespeople, and crisis management team members
  3. Fact sheets on the company, each division, each physical location, and each product offered
  4. Profiles and biographies for each key manager in your company
  5. Copies of your company, division and product logos, your press release format and scanned in signature of your CEO on disk
  6. Pre-written scripts answering key questions that you have generated through your crisis scenario analysis
  7. Contact information for each of your key media contacts both locally, nationally, and if appropriate, key financial press and analysts

Some of these elements may seem tedious or unnecessary, but it is better to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared, and rather to be safe than sorry. Perhaps if Carnival was more prepared for crisis, they would’ve avoided much of the backlash that has taken place.


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