Carnival Cruise Crisis

16 Nov

Just recently, a Carnival Splendor cruise ship, which was left without power for a week by an engine-room fire, arrived safely in San Diego. According to an article from, the damage control Carnival has implemented involves using it’s social media such as it’s Facebook and Twitter pages to inform passengers that they are providing them with free hotel rooms, flight arrangements, refunds, and another cruise. Although this is all great, apparently, some believe that Carnival needs to apologize more sincerely, rather than just telling passengers what they are going to do. What do you believe Carnival needs to do for damage repair?


8 Responses to “Carnival Cruise Crisis”

  1. sarahrosehassani November 17, 2010 at 6:11 pm #

    I also recently did a blog post on this and read the same article from From the article it seemed like the Carnival cruise line did a good job of handling this crisis overall. They accommodated their passengers and helped out in anyway possible. I know they apologized to the public but I think people are being a little too picky by saying they want Carnival to apologize more sincerely. I think the company is dealing with a lot that it is and I’m sure they are sorry about the whole incident. To think that there not sorry would be absurd. Cruise lines are all about customer service. If they weren’t then they wouldn’t be known as one of the best cruise lines. Whoever thinks they should apologize more sincerely should be more understanding in my opinion.

  2. octobern November 17, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    If I went on this cruise I would have starved. I feel so bad for everyone involved, and maybe this is why I have never gone on a cruise before, for fear that we may be stranded in the ocean with pop tarts and spam to survive on. Not my idea of paradise if you ask me. I would love to one day travel the Caribbean, but I certainly won’t use Carnival anytime in the near future. I agree with you Rachel, they should have had a more sincere apology rather than telling them what to do. Seriously though Spam and Pop-Tarts? that is gross.

  3. kewood10 November 18, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    Stuff happens. That’s all I have to say. October I don’t like the fact that apparently all they gave people were Spam and pop tarts. People with food allergies would have been in trouble. I can’t even imagine the havoc and stress that people and workers must have felt on that trip. I’m sure it was craziness. As far as an apology goes, customers should be happy to be receiving compensations that they are. What exactly do these people consider a “sincere” apology? Corporations have to be careful in apologies because they can be sued and I’m sure they might be facing lawsuits as we speak and a sincere, over the top apology could be enough to solidify the arguments of the lawsuits.

  4. hdodson November 20, 2010 at 12:06 am #

    Wow. That is crazy. I would have HATED to be in that position. Spam and pop-tarts is not what’s the worst to me- I feel like I would be so clausterphobic and annoyed with being there around a boat full of stressed out and grumpy and hungry people. As far as an apology, I have to agree that Carnival seems to have accomadated their guests very well. They provided airline tickets, etc. to help with crisis not, as well as tickets for the future to make up for their mistake. I think some people are just looking to be unhappy, not looking for anything “more sincere”. If Carnival would have just apologized “very sincerely” and not provided the cruise guests with replacements they would be a lot louder than they are at this point.

  5. aladkins November 23, 2010 at 5:12 am #

    This is a crazy situation. I heard about this so late, after the entire situation blew over. I have friends that personally work for Carnival and and they said that this was the most unexpected and horrible situation to happen to this company for over 40 years. I hated the food that they sent to the passengers, but I know that they must have been short for food after awhile. They were unable to cook anything and did their best by having FEMA delivering the food available and getting everything under control as quickly as possible. The Splendor is one of the newest ships carnival has and they were just never expecting this to happen. I know that carnival has refunded all the passengers and included a discount on their next cruise, they apologized for all the inconvenience. Carnival did a great job at compensating their guests and had a sincere apology also. This has caused everyone to continue to say Carnival is the #1 Cruise Ship Company.

  6. Julianna Rabeler November 28, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    I can’t imagine what this event was like for the people on board. I have to admit that I would need some kind of sedative to get me through it. Although they have proven that the quests were NOT given spam to eat, it still must have been hard to feed all of those people. I think that Carnival will a little decrease in the people buying tickets for their cruise- line but it isn’t anything they won’t bounce back from. I am happy to hear that there were no fatal injuries on board, and I hope Carnival continues to work out any more glitches.


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