Dos and Don’ts for England (Intercultural Communication)

11 Nov

In my Public Relations Applications class on Tuesday, November 9, we discussed communication around the world. We got into pairs and each pair researched a different country. My partner and I researched England and things that you should be aware of if you are doing business in England. Some of the interesting facts that we found include…

  1. Greet your business associate with a firm handshake. Unless the associate is a women, then you must wait for her to extend her hand first because women don’t necessarily shake hands.
  2. Do not wear a striped tie. Many British regimental ties are striped and yours might look like an imitation.
  3. If you are a guest at a meal, initiate your departure. The host won’t indicate that they wish the evening will come to an end.
  4. When going to do business, do not carry gifts with you. Gifts are not a part of business in England, so instead you may invite your hosts out to a meal or show
  5. Don’t rush your business prospects into making a decision. Decision-making is slower in England than in the U.S., so if they feel rushed then chances are they will turn your proposal down.
  6. Respect personal space!

Read about it here!


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