Monster Energy Promotional at Southeastern Game

3 Nov

Tonight was Southeastern University’s first men’s basketball game of the season. SEU played Florida College and the stands were packed as fans wore all black for a high-energy black-out game. In order to further the excitement and rush of adrenaline, Monster Energy drinks set up a stand giving away tons of free energy drinks along with ponchos, because it was pouring down rain.

When the students around me found out that they were giving away free Monster energy drinks, they went to the stand multiple times during the game in order to get an energy drink. I have only tried Monster once before, and wasn’t exactly impressed with the flavor I got. I never have bought another because of the high prices of the energy drinks. However, tonight I decided to grab one because it was free after all, and what is better to college students than something that is free? To my surprise, I really enjoyed the Monster drink I got. I picked up the green flavor and in fact, my energy was up a great bit!

I believe it was a very smart move of Monster to promote it’s products at the first Southeastern basketball game. College students probably constitute a huge part of Monster‘s audience, considering that they are constantly looking for ways to boost their energy to stay up late cramming for tests, write papers, socialize, or even athletics. Monster reached a great deal of people coming to the first home game, and during a blackout game when adrenaline is high anyways. I’m not sure if it was the Monster, excitement of the game, the cheering fans around me, or a combination. But I left the game feeling totally energized and ready to tackle the rest of my night’s obligations. I will definitely consider buying another Monster energy drink next time I need a boost of energy!


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