Interview with Martin Waxman

3 Nov

TOW #10

After watching Barbara Nixon’s interview with Martin Waxman I feel like I’ve learned a good bit more about what it is like to be a public relations professional. Waxman is the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. based in Toronto, Canada. His public relations agency is described as a “boutique agency”” because it is fairly small.

The three pillars that Waxman bases his agency on are simplicity, energy, and integrity. Palette Public Relations Inc. mainly does product PR and their clients range from Proctor and Gamble, to Olay skincare in Canada.

What Did I Learn?

Nixon asked Waxman that, as an employer, what kind of social and media skills he looks for in potential employees which would help his organization and Waxman stated that it is mainly important for individuals to have a good understanding of traditional tools of social media. He said that you don’t necessarily have to blog, but it is beneficial to follow major PR bloggers. Also, it isn’t necessary to be active on Twitter, however it is helpful to follow the right people on Twitter and be using it in the correct fashion. However, Waxman also throws out a word of caution to bloggers. He says that if you blog, make sure you thoroughly assess your blog for errors. He actually declined hiring someone because their blog included a good amount of typographical errors.

Another really good piece of advice Waxman gave was saying that the first step in social media is listening. Listen to what is being said, and listen to conversations of other organizations.

What Surprised Me?

What surprised me is that Waxman stated that the biggest challenge for public relations as an industry is integrating a variety of tools for PR. In our world today, we have many social media outlets available to us such as skype, blogs, Twitter, etc. The key is discovering how to tie these into a communication strategy and figuring out who you are trying to reach.

What Do I Want To Know More About?

I would love to know about how Martin Waxman balances his personal life and work life. And how much they intercede with one another or play off of each other. He talked a good deal about social media and it’s importance, yet I would love to know more of the challenges and rewards of running a public relations agency.


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