PR Student Blog that is Worthwhile

21 Oct

For my Public Relations Applications class this semester with @BarbaraNixon, we are all required to create and maintain blogs throughout the semester. We write summaries about what we are learning in our PR class and textbook. Along with researching a more in-depth topic each week and writing about current PR issues.

One student blog in particular that I believe stands out is Kelly Wood’s blog (Getting Started). She not only has a cute layout, but also it is easy to follow. I like how she includes her latest tweets and pictures in most of her posts.

I especially liked her post titled Gap Redesign Contest which was about a contest sponsored by ISO50 to redesign the Gap Logo after Gap came out with their new logo that was a complete failure. She asserted her opinion about the logo and the post was skillfully written.

I also enjoyed reading her post One Week of Twitter. Our class was assigned to use twitter in a new way and we had a designated amount of posts we needed to make within that week, we had to reply to people in our class, and contribute with thought-provoking tweets. Kelly wrote about how that week encouraged her to use twitter and she discussed what she gained from that assignment.



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