Setting World Records and Gaining World Recognition

13 Oct

The Wall Street Journal recently came out with an article about how in the wake of competition to get their products or services known, companies have begun turning to a unique source for publicity- setting Guiness World Records. Companies try to set some of the most outrageous world records to gain more publicity.  For example, Starwood’s Sheraton hotels promoted their new fitness programs by having the largest-ever resistance-band strengthening class, Cricket Communications produced the world’s largest cellphone, Estee Lauder set the record for having the “most landmarks illuminated for a cause in 24 hours” by lighting up 38 landmarks in pink to promote breast-cancer awareness, and Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. created the world’s longest parade float which was a 114-foot float which featured a giant ramp that several bulldogs snowboarded down. (shown below)

It is difficult to measure if using Guiness World Records for PR stunts actually work because usually companies employ many different marketing techniques at once. However, some of these companies did see an increase in sales.

I think that for a company to use setting a Guiness World Record for PR is ingenius. Because not only will they get published in the yearly publication of “Guiness World Records”, which is published in more than 100 countries and 25 languages and is the highest-selling book under copywright of all time, but the process of setting a world record draws a lot of attention. It would definitely draw local journalists to the event and bring the community out because people always like to be apart of something like setting a world record.


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