Ch. 6- Program Planning

4 Oct

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics- 9th edition. Dennis L. Wilcox & Glen T. Cameron

Two Approaches to Planning

1. Management by Objective (MBO): provides focus and direction for formulating strategy to achieve specific organizational objectives

  • Client/employer objectives
  • Audience/publics
  • Audience objectives
    • What does the audience what to know and how can that message be tailored to audience self-interest?
    • Media channels
      • What is the appropriate media channel to reach the audience?
      • Media channel objectives
      • Sources and questions
      • Communication strategies
      • Essence of the message
      • Nonverbal support

2. Strategic Planning Model: specific plan

Elements of a Program Plan

1. Situation

  • 3 Traditional Situations often prompt a public relations program
    • The organization must conduct a remedial program to overcome a problem
    • Organization needs a certain one-time project to launch a new product or service
    • Organization wants to reinforce an ongoing effort to preserve its reputation and public support

2. Objectives

  • An objective should be evaluated by asking
    • Does it really address the situation?
    • Is it realistic and achievable?
    • Can success be measured in meaningful terms?
    • Informational Objectives: designed primarily to expose audiences to information and to increase awareness of an issue, event, or product
    • Motivational Objectives: Bottom-line oriented and based on clearly measurable results that can be quantified

3. Audience

  • PR programs should be directed toward specific and defined audiences or publics

4. Strategy

  • Provides guidelines and key message themes for the overall program, and also offers a rationale for the planned actions and program components
    • Key messages: What campaign wants to get across to the target audiences and the media

5. Tactics

  • The specific activities that put each strategy into operation and help accomplish objectives

6. Calendar/Timetable

  • Program planning should take into account the environmental context of the situation and the time when key messages are most meaningful

7. Budget

  • Budget is often divided into 2 categories
    • Staff time
    • Out-of-pocket expenses
    • Generally, staff and administrative time take the majority of expenses

8. Evaluation


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