If I could choose any era for PR…

25 Sep

TOW #4

If I could work in an era of PR history before I was born, I would choose to work during the 1950s. The reason for this is because the booming economy during that time after WWII produced rapid growth in public relations. Rapid changes were occurring such as major increases in urban and suburban populations, the growth of a more impersonalized society, advances in science and technology, and the revolution in communications. Citizens began to feel alienated and confused by these changes causing American business and industry to become separated from their publics. Businesses turned to public relations for a solution.

Being apart of this time in American history of transformation and modification of public relations would be very exciting. I would love to watch the influence and need of public relations and take hand in it. Also, this would be during the influence of Edward Bernays’. Being an ex-psychology major and now a psychology minor, I definitely find the psychology aspect of public relations very intriguing. Bernays was actually the nephew of Sigmund Freud, and he created a new model of public relations that applied the theories of mass psychology and persuasion to the needs of corporate and political organizations. The influence of Bernays probably interests me the most about this era of public relations.

Among all these other changes, in 1948, the Public Relations Society of America was founded. Therefore, the 1950s would just be delving into this organization and if I was a public relations practitioner during this time, I could be a driving force of change and influence for this organization. Putting into account the booming economy of the 1950s, the opportunity for many jobs in the field of public relations becoming available, the influence of Edward Bernays, and the chance to experience all these exciting changes to the field, I believe the 1950s would definitely be the time I would want to work in public relations.


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