Who/What is a Public?

15 Sep

TOW #2

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a “public” is “a group of people having common interests or characteristics; specifically : the group at which a particular activity or enterprise aims”.

Publics are very important to the field of Public Relations. It is the job of a public relations professional to stay in tune to the public. Basically, if you are a living, breathing person who ventures outside of the door, you are bound to be a part of some public at least. The more active and social you are, the more publics you can become part of. The publics that I belong, just to name a few, include the student population of Southeastern University, the public of my church (the Vine), and Starbucks.

Southeastern University- Since I am enrolled at SEU, I am automatically considered part of their public. Southeastern aims to please its students and retain them at their institution. Consequently, events on campus, new regulations, professors, administration, all work together to create an academic, spiritual and social environment in which the students of Southeastern University may thrive.

Church- Growing up, I have always been an active member in my church. Here in Lakeland, I attend The Vine. I would definitely consider myself to be in their public since I actively attend and take part in some of their activities. When planning events, writing sermons, etc. The Vine considers their target audience (those who actively attend), which I am apart.

Starbucks- From my blog title, I’m sure you’ve already assumed my fascination with the wonderful coffee drinks that Starbucks create. Considering that I get coffee a decent amount and I’m a consumer of Starbucks, then it’s probably safe to say that I’m definitely part of the public of Starbucks.


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