Understanding Media:Process and Principles

15 Sep

TOW #1

The first NewsU course I took online broke down media techniques for me.Everyday we are bombarded with millions of media messages. Whether it’s through our television, listening to the radio, picking up a magazine, reading a book, driving by a billboard, going on the internet, etc.  In order to understand these media messages we should use four process skills, which include accessing, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.

Media persuades its viewers using three different techniques. These techniques can be practical, emotional, or associations. It is surprising how many diverse persuasion techniques that the media uses, but when we begin to more closely examine them, we can identify how these techniques are used, and why they persuade us. I know that I personally have fallen victim to these different media techniques. If we are a practical person and can generally see through the lies of the media, we would probably go for whatever was priced the lowest. However, sometimes we like to go for what is comforting in this chaotic world or the repetition of a catchy jingle makes us believe that we must buy the product, which is why appealing to our emotions is such a big deal. By the product being associated with a celebrity or an expert recommending it, we would like to trust that celebrity or expert endorsed product. When we see different types of media, we would like to believe that the advertiser is telling the complete truth and doing so because they want what is best for us. But in reality, we must keep in perspective while we are deconstructing media who created the ad, the target audience, the product, direct/indirect messages, persuasion techniques, and what is omitted from the message.

I would like to learn about which persuasion techniques are best for which kind of products and which type of target audiences. Being that I was previously a psychology major, I would be very curious to know the psychology behind why certain things influence some people, while other things influence other individuals.


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